Sen. Anthony Cannella Issues Statement on San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Achievement

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today issued the following statement after the announcement that the San Joaquin Valley in 2013 achieved the hourly ozone standard established under the federal Clean Air Act:

“I am encouraged by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s announcement that there were no violations of the federal hourly ozone standards this year. To go from 261 violations in 1996 to seven in 2012 and zero this year is quite an achievement. This is tangible proof that our efforts to reduce air pollution, such as this year’s AB 8, are working. I will continue to support state programs that are going to help provide cleaner air for the Valley and our children.

“I hope that the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes the effort and removes the air quality penalties that are costing our region $29 million each year.”

A bipartisan group of legislators and an unprecedented coalition of varied stakeholder groups came together this year to support a legislative package (Senate Bill 11 and Assembly Bill 8) to provide regulatory relief and certainty to the business community, while also protecting the environment by providing grants to offset the purchase of new agricultural equipment, clean cars, and manufacturing machinery.

This bill package provided the following benefits:

  • Caps several fees at current levels for the next seven years;
  • Prevents harmful new regulations that would have required gasoline retailers and distributors from installing infrastructure for a conceived hydrogen fuel future. Rather, this legislation provides funding to construct only the fueling infrastructure necessary to support the impending introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles;
  • Creates certainty in the marketplace, especially for automakers and mom-and-pop service stations;
  • Preserves California’s tire recycling program for the next eight years;
  • Prepares the next generation for jobs in the new-fuel economy by funding workforce-training partnerships.

The bills were supported by the California Farm Bureau Federation, California Dairies, California Cotton Ginners & Growers Associations as well as environmental groups such as the Coalition for Clean Air, the Environmental Defense Fund and even the California Air Resources Board. AB 8 was signed into law by the Governor Brown on September 28, 2013.