Sen. Cannella Announces 12th District "There Ought to Be a Law" Contest Finalists

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today announced three finalists for his “There Ought to a Be a Law” contest, which provided constituents the opportunity to present ideas for new legislation. Senator Cannella will personally sponsor legislation from one of the finalists’ submissions.

“The ideas that came from the contest demonstrated a great level of civic involvement and creativity.  Of the submissions, there were some interesting proposals for legislation,” said Senator Cannella. “I am pleased that so many constituents provided me their suggestions. I look forward to working with the contest winner to get their entry made into law.”

Submissions covered a wide range of possible legislation, including changing the date of Halloween to make it easier for schoolchildren to participate; banning Viagra advertisements during prime time television; and mandating high schools to teach lessons in local history.

The three finalists are:

  • Paul Tomaselli, Salinas, “Implement ‘Pay It Forward, Pay It Back’ program to make college more affordable”
  • Natalie Rios & Wendi Salpa, Madera, “Create safer routes for schoolchildren to their schools”
  • Yovani Santos, Madera, “Require all new laws to have a repeal date”

A winner will be announced later this month.