Sen. Cannella Announces Legislation to Ease Clearing of Salinas River

Friday, December 13, 2013

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today announced that he will present new legislation to ease the clearing of the Salinas River channel. He was joined by a bipartisan group of elected officials and farmers to discuss the importance of removing the vegetation and debris that has accumulated since clearing practices were halted in 2008.

“The Salinas River must be cleared to prevent disastrous environmental and economic consequences. I will introduce legislation that will streamline regulations in the same manner was used to ease the construction of a football stadium in Los Angeles and a basketball arena in Sacramento,” said Senator Cannella.” What is good enough for LA to have for its NFL stadium and Sacramento to have for the Kings should be good enough for Monterey County.”

Senator Cannella’s legislation will streamline the regulatory process to allow clearing to occur more quickly. In 2009, legislation was signed into law streamlining the regulatory process for an NFL stadium in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, SB 743 was also signed into law allowing the new arena for the Sacramento Kings to also receive the same streamlined process.