Sen. Cannella Issues Statement on Bay Bridge Briefing

Monday, July 8, 2013

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today issued the following statement following a briefing on the status of the new span of the Bay Bridge to members of the Senate:

“I am pleased that the Bay Bridge opening has been delayed in order to ensure that the known outstanding issues can be dealt with appropriately. The highlights of the report on the bridge issued today illustrate just why it would have been inappropriate to open on Labor Day weekend. It is unfortunate that there will be even greater costs added to a project that is already billions over budget, but public safety is first and foremost in a project of this magnitude.

“I still left the briefing with concerns about the way these issues have been dealt with and hope we can learn from these mistakes. I hope that bridge authorities take this additional time to take a greater look at the failures and also address them before opening.

“I will continue to push for a thorough and comprehensive review of the process that led to the broken bolts and the myriad other problems, as well as why Caltrans deliberately chose to ignore industry and their own standards regarding the types of metal to be used in a marine environment and with the unique design. As an engineer, I simply cannot comprehend some of the decisions that have been made. I will not let these failures be swept under the rug.”