Sen. Cannella Issues Statement on Elimination of Healthy Families Program

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today issued the following statement regarding the passage of AB 1494, which eliminates the Healthy Families program:

“I am baffled by the decision to eliminate Healthy Families, a program that we know works well to provide health care to almost a million California children. In transferring these children to Medi-Cal, an already overworked system, we are jeopardizing the health of those that cannot fend for themselves.

“With reimbursement rates so low, few doctors and even fewer specialists participate. The result is a wait time for care that puts these children at risk for greater sickness or even death. Even though we are still technically providing medical care for these children, we are placing them in an system that will lead many to suffer. As a father of four, there is no way I could have, with a clear conscience, supported the bill. I couldn’t tell a single one of the over 21,000 kids enrolled in Healthy Families from my district that I voted to restrict access to medical care.”


Senator Cannella spoke on the Senate floor about the elimination of the program. The video of the speech can be found here (4 minutes, 32 seconds).