Sen. Cannella Names Salinas Resident Ruth Andresen 12th District Woman of the Year

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today announced he has selected Salinas resident Ruth Andresen as the 12th Senate District’s Woman of the Year. Senator Cannella recognizes March as Women’s History month and is commemorating it by honoring Andresen for her commitment to the community.

“Ruth Andresen is a truly remarkable woman. From her service to our country during World War II to the almost half-century dedicated to the students of Monterey County, Ms. Andresen is more than deserving of the 12th District’s Woman of the Year,” said Senator Cannella. “She has been a role-model to generations of Monterey County residents.”

Ruth Andresen, 92, has been described by the Salinas Californian as the “grand lady of county education” for her service to Monterey County. Andresen was first elected to the Monterey County Board of Education in 1963 and served 12 terms over 48 years. During World War II, she worked for the Military Geology Unit, which assisted in developing pre-invasion plans for Europe and Asia. In the 1960’s, she received a research grant from the National Science Foundation to study ocean currents.

“I am pleased to hear Ruth Andresen has been bestowed this honor,” said Monterey County Board of Education President Byrl Smith. “Ruth’s impact on Monterey County is immeasurable. She remains a pillar of our community, and I am proud to have worked beside her.”

Senator Cannella will personally recognize Andresen in May at a luncheon held by IMPOWER in Salinas. Formed in 2008 under the Salinas Chamber of Commerce Foundation, IMPOWER’s mission is to Inspire, Motivate, Prepare, and Organize Women to Engage and Reinvest.