Sen. Cannella's Bill to Aid Veteran Transition to Public Sector Jobs Signed into Law By Governor

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Legislation by Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) to ease the transition of veterans who received military law enforcement training into civilian peace officer positions was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown today. The bill, SB 1563, provides those with the proper training an additional fifteen points for any peace officer entrance examination.

“Governor Brown did a great service to veterans in signing SB 1563 into law. The transition from military service into the private sector is especially tough in our current economy,” said Senator Cannella. “The state should be doing all it can to ease the reintegration of our veterans to civilian life. It only makes sense that our veterans who have specialized training from the world’s best military receive this additional credit.”

While unemployment levels in California are high, the unemployment levels for veterans are even higher. According to Governor Brown’s Executive Order B-9-11, “The unemployment rate for Gulf War II veterans is 42 percent higher than it is for non-veterans.” Currently, the California Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Employment Development Department and the California Interagency Council on Veterans are taking steps to create job opportunities for veterans in order to lower unemployment levels and remove barriers to such opportunities for veterans in California.

Returning veterans are at a disadvantage in finding employment upon return from their military service, due to the fact that many have not been able to receive training and experience in any civilian career fields while they were away. Historically, much of the training that service members receive while in military service does not correlate with many civilian career fields. Veterans often have years of work experience, but have no way of putting it to use for themselves. However, military police training does correlate to a civilian career field and this is an excellent opportunity for veterans to utilize training that they have already received in order to gain employment.

“State government can really provide a huge helping hand in returning home. The services offered by the state of California really laid the ground work for my successful transition,” said Army veteran Lance Iunker. “Thanks to Senator Cannella, my fellow veterans will have a greater opportunity to use their military training to their advantage.”