Senator Cannella Introduces Tough-on-Crime Legislation to Help Prosecute Accessories to Murder

Friday, February 18, 2011

State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today announced introducing Senate Bill 308 to help ensure law enforcement agents have adequate time to pursue and prosecute people involved in murder cases by extending the statute of limitations for being an accessory to murder.

“Given the severity of the crime they helped commit and conceal, there is no reason accessories to murder should receive preferential treatment or escape prosecution simply because they were not the ones to ultimately execute the crime,” said Cannella. “There is no statute of limitations on the grief experienced by the friends and family of a murder victim; my bill will help ensure law enforcement agents have adequate time to fully investigate these crimes and bring their perpetrators to justice.”

Currently, an individual accused of murder can be prosecuted at any time, but accessories to murder are only subject to prosecution for three years after the crime is committed. Given scientific advancements that help link suspected criminals to committed crimes, law enforcement agents are now able to pursue penalties for offenses that occurred years in the past. By extending the statute of limitations for an accessory to murder to 10 years, SB 308 will give law enforcement agents additional time to bring these criminals to justice.