Senators Berryhill, Cannella, Emmerson, and Harman Respond to Governor Brown's Press Conference

Monday, June 13, 2011

(Sacramento, CA) - Senators Berryhill, Cannella, Emmerson, and Harman today released the following statement in response to Governor Brown’s press conference:

“Today the Governor provided an update on the status of the budget negotiations. In his statements, the Governor indicated that the Republicans involved in those discussions were not clear on the details of the reforms that are the foundation of any successful budget solution and, furthermore, are the primary obstacle to allowing the voters their say.

“To the contrary, the Governor and Democrat leaders are fully aware of the proposals and have seen specific details of each reform. Moreover, there is significant agreement between Republicans and the Governor on the vast majority of those reforms.

“It is clear now, as it has always been, that the only impediment to resolving this budget crisis and putting the tax question before the voters as the Governor has committed to, are the Democrats and their special interest allies.

“Republicans have been consistent in their words and their actions. The only thing that’s changed since negotiations were halted in March is the nearly $7 billion in unanticipated revenue that the Democrats have already spent. And now the Democrat leaders have moved the goal post with their recent introduction of a legislatively mandated tax increase – without voter approval – the so called “bridge tax,” that violates the Governor’s own pledge.

“Governor Brown is right. The voters deserve to vote on taxes, and we believe they deserve to vote for a hard spending cap and meaningful pension reform as well. The details of those proposals are attached and represent the necessary components of any successful bipartisan budget solution.

“Republicans stand committed to these reforms, and allowing the voters the final say on their outcome. We look forward to the Democrats joining us in showing Californians that we can move this State forward in a bipartisan manner.”