What They Are Saying ... About 'GOP 5' Senators' Reform Plan

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"But the fact is we have to have a plan; we need a solution ... And if you're
going to be here, give me some ideas. And do you have some reforms
you want to make? ... Let's hear what they are."
(Gov. Jerry Brown, Remarks at Joint Legislative Budget Conference Committee, 2/24/11)

Five GOP Senators "Demonstrating True - And Courageous - Leadership." "As far as we're concerned, [the five GOP senators] are demonstrating true - and courageous - leadership by continuing the dialogue with the governor in an effort to find solutions to the state fiscal crisis."
- Editorial, "Brown Needs Support To Keep Special Interests Out Of Budget," Modesto Bee, 3/8/11

Valley Public Safety Officials: Senators' Action Shows Commitment "To Do Everything They Can To Ensure The Well-Being Of Our Community And This Great State." "Fortunately for our community, and the people of this state, our senators recognize that they have a greater responsibility than adhering to simple political ideology. They were elected to do everything they can to ensure the well-being of our community and this great state."
- Birgit Fladager, Adam Christianson and Jerry Powers, Letter To The Editor, "Message to GOP senators," The Modesto Bee, 3/9/11

Senators "Should Be Commended" For "Taking A Stand For Local Control And To Protect Our Local Economies." "By standing opposed to the Administration's proposal, these Senators are upholding the constitution and the clear mandate of the electorate. They should be commended. Further, these Senators are taking a stand for local control and to protect our local economies ... In this recession, the last thing our State politicians should do is take action to kill jobs."
- Stop The State's Redevelopment Proposal, "Coalition Of Local Government, Business, Labor And Community Groups Thanks Senate Republicans For Opposing Governor's Redevelopment Elimination Proposal," Press Release, 3/7/11

GOP 5 "Have Presented A Slate Of Reasonable And Smart Reforms." "Those crucial Republicans have Brown over a barrel and they're not giving up their demands easily. Good for them."
- Editorial, "State Republican Lawmakers Right For Sticking To Demands On Budget," Los Angeles Daily News, 3/9/11

The Sacramento Bee: "Finally, Five GOP Leaders Ready To Engage." "By refusing to join the ‘tax caucus,' a group of Republican legislators who've pledged to oppose Brown's effort to put a tax extension proposal before voters unless a tax cut of equal size is placed on the ballot too, these conservative lawmakers have risked their political futures. But we expect their resolve to last more than a few days. A few early rebuffs at the negotiating table do not justify retreat."
- Editorial, "Finally, Five GOP Leaders Who Are Ready To Engage," The Sacramento Bee, 3/9/11

Senators' Reform Measures Are "Needed To Move The State Past Perennial Budget Deficits." "The senators [are] seeking the type of reforms that are needed to move the state past perennial budget deficits: spending limits, pension reform and business reforms."
- Joel Fox, "Denying Votes On Reforms Causes Budget Impasse," Fox & Hounds Daily, 3/8/11

GOP Senators' Proposed Reforms "Not A Surprise," Consistent With Long-Term Policy Recommendations. "The list of demands by the five Senate Republicans, as outlined in a letter to the governor this week, was not a surprise. It includes spending caps, pension reform, regulatory reform, civil service changes and tax reforms designed to lower rates - a wish list of policy changes Republicans have sought for decades."
- Editorial, "Finally, Five GOP Leaders Who Are Ready To Engage," The Sacramento Bee, 3/9/11

Senators Applauded For Making "Substantial Headway" Toward Finding "A Balanced And Responsible Way To Meet [State's] Obligations With Limited Financial Resources." "Our state government must find a balanced and responsible way to meet its obligations with limited financial resources. Our senators have made substantial headway with the governor in finding a middle ground that will meet these needs. We commend them for their efforts and encourage them to continue their work with the governor to find a way to allow our government to move forward to do the work it must."
- Birgit Fladager, Adam Christianson and Jerry Powers, Letter To The Editor, "Message To GOP Senators," The Modesto Bee, 3/9/11

The Desert Sun: Issues Raised By Republican Senators "Deserve Consideration." "Five Republican state senators - including Sen. Bill Emmerson, who represents the Coachella Valley - sent a letter to Brown on Monday spelling out six issues they would like to see addressed. These issues deserve consideration."
- Editorial, "Time For Compromise In The State Legislature," The Desert Sun, 3/9/11

The [Salinas] Californian: Governor's Plan "Only A Short-Term Solution;" Leaders Must "Unite On Long-Term, Structural Reforms." "[T]o their credit, Blakeslee and Cannella are among five Republicans who have been negotiating directly with Brown. They want to see some reforms added to any budget deal. Among them is keeping but reforming redevelopment agencies and enterprise zones, both of which operate in the Salinas Valley. Other items include public pension reform and some relief for businesses from state regulations. The governor's tax plan represents only a short-term solution to the state's whopping budget crisis. It is no panacea; Brown and the Legislature are only buying time for themselves. Until our state leaders can unite on long-term, structural reforms, they'll continue to kick the fiscal can down the road."
- Editorial, "Put Brown's Budget Plan Before Voters," The [Salinas] Californian, 3/9/11

"Convincing Structural And Regulatory Reforms" Essential "To Revitalize California's Manufacturing Investment Climate." "If we hope to finally solve the budget crisis, it is essential that California's elected leaders not only find short term solutions to balance the state's budget, but that they also enact convincing structural and regulatory reforms to revitalize California's manufacturing investment climate. We urge the Governor and legislators to keep working on a comprehensive solution. Our state budget ultimately hinges on a robust and growing economy."
- California Manufacturers & Technology Association, "As State Budget Deadline Approaches, Manufacturers Urge A Responsible Budget With Convincing Structural And Regulatory Reforms," Press Release, 3/7/11

Democrats' Failure To Consider Reforms A Missed Opportunity. "The opportunity was there for important fiscal structural changes ... But despite the harping of many newspaper editorialists blaming Republicans for not allowing the voters' approval on tax extensions, it appears the Democrats and their allies missed the opportunity by objecting to real reforms being placed on the ballot."
- Joel Fox, "Denying Votes On Reforms Causes Budget Impasse," Fox & Hounds Daily, 3/8/11

Small Businesses Urge Leaders To Consider Impact Of Heavy Regulatory And Tax Burden On Job Creators. "Small businesses shoulder a heavier burden when it comes to complying with regulations on both the state and local level and struggle to pay taxes that may seem inconsequential to larger businesses. We urge our state leaders to remember our state's job creators during this time of negotiations, knowing that they are the ones who will bring us out of this recession."
- National Federation Of Independent Business, "NFIB/CA Issues Statement On Budget Negotiations," Press Release, 3/8/11

Pensions Expert Dan Pellissier: "Republicans Are Right To Insist [On] Real Pension Reform." "California is at a fiscal crossroads and Republicans are right to insist real pension reform must be part of the budget solution."
- Dan Pellissier, Press Release, 3/7/11

The Modesto Bee: "We especially agree with the senators' suggestion to preserve - but reform - redevelopment agencies and enterprise zones, both of which have been used and abused in ways far beyond the original intent of the programs."
- Editorial, "Brown Needs Support To Keep Special Interests Out Of Budget," Modesto Bee, 3/8/11