Cannella Legislation to Strengthen Revenge Porn Unanimously Approved by State Senate

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SB 1255, by State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres), to expand the scope of the law to combat “revenge porn” was approved by the Senate today on a 34-0 vote. Cannella’s legislation modifies the current law to include what is commonly known as a “selfie,” an image someone takes of themselves, and eases the requirements for prosecuting the crime.

“California was the first state in the nation to pass a law criminalizing revenge porn and we have now seen similar legislation enacted in Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin,” said Senator Cannella. ”As technology evolves, it is important that government act to protect our citizens from new types of crime, such as revenge porn. SB 1255 builds on last year’s law in order to provide greater protection to victims.”

Last year, Cannella’s SB 255 was signed by Governor Brown, making the act a misdemeanor. The Revenge Porn 2.0 Act will expand the law to protect a greater number of victims. The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) estimates that more than half of revenge porn cases involve selfies. SB 1255 extends current law to outlaw the distribution of revenge porn regardless of who created the image.

“Victims across the country are thrilled to see that the California Senate unanimously supported Senator Cannella’s bill,” said Dr. Holly Jacobs, founder of CCRI.  “Though a trail-blazer in the fight to end revenge porn, last year's legislation was unable to protect a majority of the victims. This amendment to include selflies reflects a solid step forward, and I will continue to work with Senator Cannella to close gaps in the law.”