Sen. Cannella Issues Statement on Bay Bridge Report Hearing

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) issued the following statement regarding today’s informational hearing by the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee regarding the investigative report “The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge:  Basic Reforms for the Future”:

“At today’s hearing, Caltrans acknowledged there should have been greater openness and transparency in the construction of the bridge. I understand that with any large project, such as building of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, there will be issues that arise. Engineers have a duty to put public safety above all other considerations when building projects. In addition, non-engineers should not be making engineering decisions.

“California must rebuild our aging infrastructure, most pressingly our water system which is over 50 years old and built for a population half our current size. The problems with the construction of the bridge greatly hinder our efforts to rebuild our infrastructure by making it harder to convince voters to entrust the state with billions of dollars for additional construction projects.”